Five Easter Ideas for Church Growth and Giving

Celebrating Easter and Christ’s Resurrection is the cornerstone of your church and your ministry. It’s what you stand for and how your worshipers define their personal commitment to God. No wonder Easter is one of the most attended worship services of the year!

Most of your congregation will gather together on April 9th to celebrate God’s miracle. A quarter of first-time church visitors will seek you out specifically on Easter Sunday. Easter church attendance is one of the most impactful holidays that can open doors for new church growth and giving. 

So, what’s the best way to harness that faithful energy and engage your congregation all year long? 

The key is creating special events that extend beyond Easter by using modern tools to connect with your church family easily and quickly.

Here are five innovative Easter ideas for church that will engage your fellowship throughout the Easter season and keep them returning all year long.

1. Reimagine Sunday Church Dinner

Church services and Easter egg hunts are mainstays, but how about hosting Easter dinner to share with your larger community? Churches have figured out how to do this at Thanksgiving. Why not Easter Sunday? It’s a perfect opportunity to bring Jesus’ teachings to those who need them most. Same great message, at a new date and time.

Make volunteer scheduling easy.

Manage food and volunteer sign ups easily with church volunteer scheduling. Many church members probably have favorite family recipes they’d be proud to share. From the Easter menu planning to leading children’s craft activities, keeping track of it all online will ensure a smooth event. Plus, noting members’ special skills helps you engage them in your next service project. (An online cookbook, perhaps?)

Mobile giving makes donating fast and simple.

Not everyone in your congregation is a seasoned chef. Make it easy for kitchen-challenged members to contribute to the cause with mobile payments through apps for churches. Donation management software helps you identify these donors when you’re looking to fund your next special project!

Make it a recurring event.

Continue hosting Sunday Church Dinners monthly or quarterly to keep spreading God’s Word. Church leaders can use this great opportunity to engage younger members in direct service to marginalized populations. They can help serve food or visit with guests. Be sure to use your church apps to spread the word about #SundayChurchDinner on social media.

2. Create a religious experience through art

Are there a few hidden Michelangelos among your flock? Start a new church tradition showcasing artistic creations by your congregation. From textiles to watercolors and woodworking, there are many modern interpretations of the Resurrection. Display them in your foyer or sanctuary.

Spotlight members, build community.

Use church volunteer scheduling to call for entries and organize volunteers to lead the event. It’s a great way to recognize and keep track of talented artists when it’s time for holiday decorating and the church bazaar.

Text, tag and spread the word.

Share the art collection on social media and your website. Rotate the art and host a monthly ‘gallery opening’. You can use church management software to text details about the event creating a sense of excitement and urgency within the broader community.

Explore new ways to engage.

At the event, set up a QR code through your apps for churches so visitors can sign a virtual guest book. Add these contacts to your database for marketing and outreach about future events. This also helps you chart visitors as they begin their unique spiritual journey at your church.

Mobile apps are simple and intuitive. They’re also a great way to include your Millennial and Gen Z members. These young tech savvy generations will love feeling ‘in the know’ as they set this up for you!

3. Re-enact the Easter story, God’s greatest miracle  

You don’t need a lot of props or preparation to deliver this defining moment of Christianity. The beauty and retelling of this story never gets old.  

Make participation easy and fun.

Some churches host a ‘no-rehearsal performance’ with on-the-spot volunteers stepping up to improvise and share Jesus’s story. It’s a great opportunity for families! 

You can find short scripts online and share copies with your actors. The imperfect efforts to read and act out the parts will endear your audience. The whole sanctuary will connect in this authentic moment. 

Go viral with video.

Be sure to make a video recording of the event. Use apps for churches to post on social media. Tag church and community influencers and use #Easter related hashtags to increase organic traffic. Social media sharing is a great way to engage your Gen Z and Millennial members, while also scoring on church marketing

Refresh your website content.

Drive traffic to your website by uploading the video to your homepage. Or write  about creating the performance in your newsletter or blog.  You’ll be amazed at the uptick in views when people can watch friends in their community. Use your church management software to subscribe website visitors to your newsletter. Include an opt-in for text messages. Texting is great for sending short reminders about upcoming services, too.

4. Connect through service

Acts of service are a fabulous way to connect new members or worshipers returning after a gap. Kick off a new service project with an announcement during your Easter worship service. It’s your largest audience and a great way to share about the purpose, goal and timelines in person.

Choices boost participation.

Direct members to your church volunteer scheduling to gather volunteer contact info and share upcoming service projects dates on your church calendar. There are many ways to serve God and your community. Offer a variety of projects that focus on underserved populations such as the elderly or food deprived, local environmental initiatives or education. Joining a group of people with similar skills and passions creates a sense of belonging. And feeling like you belong in an active church group is what keeps members coming back.

Feedback matters.

Create quick church surveys and gain valuable feedback. Learn what worked and what didn’t. You’ll discover new ideas and service projects that interest members. When you share those results with your community, they’ll feel seen and heard by church leaders. Collecting input can drive positive change and help worshipers rediscover their sense of purpose.

Celebrate a job well done.

Share a meal and memories of completed acts of service. Ask volunteers to upload photos to use for future outreach and church milestones. Their shared experiences will create lasting bonds in your community. Encourage volunteers to bring a friend to learn about the projects and your church.

5. Share His songs in a concert

There are just so many inspirational songs, including them all on Easter would create one very long worship service! So rejoice together at a special time.

Group singing uplifts us all.

Like group prayer, the power of our collective voices transforms us. We feel God’s support and love through song. Recent blockbuster movies about gospel concerts may inspire your congregation.

Celebrate talent in your church community.

Invite musicians in your congregation to perform. It’s a great way to discover fresh voices and original new music. Welcome area musicians to perform, too.

Spread His Word.

Definitely record this event and use it on your social channels. Encourage members to share it on their social stories. Add new music to your church set to keep current with trends of the younger generations of worshipers.

Easter is the most important celebration of your faith. This worship service in your church is the perfect platform to share in God’s love and welcome new visitors. But the power of this miracle transcends this special Sunday. Your ministry shares his Word all year long. We encourage you to explore all the modern avenues to engage your community on Easter and throughout the year.

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