Engage Non-Digital Givers at Your Church with Two Simple Tools—Check Deposit and Text Engagement

When it comes to new technology, everyone has their own pace. Churches trying to get people to embrace online giving will have some hurdles. The chief obstacle to overcome is the idea among late adopters that learning new technology will be a hassle. And this mental stumbling block stops them from even trying. They’re just more comfortable with the way they’ve always done things.23

That’s OK. Pushpay has some features that you can think of as baby-steps toward digital giving. With the check deposit and text engagement features, you can meet them where they are while encouraging them to take simple steps toward embracing digital giving. 

Check Deposit   

Some people have just gotten used to the idea of writing tithe checks. In fact, they’re so used to it that doing it any other way feels impersonal and unspiritual. Unfortunately, the church still has to process those checks. And while digital giving might mean you have fewer checks to process, you still need volunteers to count them, create deposit slips, and deposit them. 

With the check deposit feature, you can scan your checks and process them without ever leaving the church. All the giver information is gathered in your Pushpay account. After you deposit their first check, you won’t have to enter all their data. It will automatically populate for you. 

So while you work at weaning people off of check giving, you don’t have to worry about having essentially two different giving programs. Everyone’s giving information is available in Pushpay where it’s easy to send out annual giving statements (or more frequently if you prefer.) And you don’t have to send someone out to the bank and risk misplaced deposits.

After using the Check Deposit feature for four to six weeks, Bethel World Outreach Church’s finance manager, Christina Flemons, said:

“I am loving the remote check deposit! It is working wonderfully, and I’m so grateful for the time it’s saving us. As I said, Pushpay is the only software we use here that actually does what you’ve promised and said it will do.”

Text engagement  

You might be thinking that the whole reason you invested in a mobile giving app is that it was a step up from text-to-give options—and you’d be right. But that doesn’t mean text-to-give solutions don’t have their place. When you use them strategically, they can be training wheels for digital giving. 

For some people, the idea of downloading a giving app sounds like a huge ordeal. In their minds, it requires a lengthy set-up process, and it’s too complicated and easy to screw up. Text-to-give can be a simple step to get them over their fear. 

All it requires is they text the church’s keyword and an amount to 77977. They receive a text back with a link enabling them to enter the pertinent information and—voilà—they’re done. They receive a receipt for their gift and notification to download the app. Once they see how easy and secure it is, they’re much more open to taking the next step. 

If you prioritize digital giving (which you should), text engagement is a helpful way to cast the net periodically. Once or twice a year, find a cause or community charity that your congregation is passionate about and do a text-specific fundraiser. If you ask everyone to give within the $10–$50 range, you’re going to get the best engagement. And the people who’ve been hesitant about digital giving will discover just how easy it is!

“Pushpay made things so much simpler, cleaner, and easier. We used to be in your shoes. We used to be very hesitant and didn’t think we needed to transition to an online giving platform. What I realize now is that we didn’t want to be uncomfortable in learning a new thing and how that would fit in our flow of things. I think what holds churches back is the feeling that they’re not there yet. In reality, it’s the fear of doing something new and having to learn something new.”—Ed Holmes, executive pastor at Real Life Church, Covington, WA

Prioritize digital giving

Banks and businesses are transitioning away from emphasizing cash and checks. It’s important that churches do, too. In the process, you’re going to have people who—for whatever reason—aren’t ready to make that move. That’s OK. 

Pushpay gives you the tools to meet them where they’re at—and help them get on board! To learn more about how you can engage non-givers at your church with text giving and check deposit, click here to talk to one of our church tech experts. 

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