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Leadership Network is a non-profit ministry which began in 1984 with 20 leaders and now serves over 200,000 leaders all over the world. They are well known for their innovation, leadership development, and multiplication in the church. 

This excerpt from their website sums it up quite nicely:

We want to see
The Church Flourish,
Communities Thrive,
And the Whole Land to prosper.
We help foster innovation movements that
Activate The Church to greater impact.
For the Glory of God’s name.
We are Leadership Network.
A group of leaders—investors, team members, church teams, and innovators committed to
Lifting up Jesus through helping churches
To be His hands and feet on this earth and
To share the good news gospel in word and deed.

The team over here at Pushpay and echurch is thrilled to be able to join Leadership Network as their newest resource partner.

Since this may be the first time you’ve heard about us, we wanted to take just a minute to tell you a bit about Pushpay’s vision and how we’re helping to increase the impact of churches across the United States, New Zealand, and Australia.

What if your church could count on consistent monetary increases above the national average every month?

Perhaps you’d use it to pay down debt, build up savings, or grow your staff and building infrastructure? In any case, you can be sure that it represents participation growth and an increase in ministry opportunities for your church.

Giving in the church is changing: Is your church changing with it?

As a church leader, consistent monetary increases each month would be amazing, however with the changing culture of giving, it may seem impossible. Yet these are exactly the results we’ve been seeing in the over 1,000 churches we’re currently partnered with.

What is Pushpay and how does it work?

Pushpay isn’t another online giving form, it’s an all-in-one solution that moves givers to a recurring mobile experience. It’s a 10-second mobile giving solution that people will actually use. Our internal data shows that 90 percent who download the Pushpay app give with it; 45 percent of gifts happen on days other than Sunday, and our average gift size is $176. In fact, we guarantee that you’ll see at least a 5 percent annual increase in your overall giving.

What You Can Expect from Us

We love to share tips and best practices that we learn from our work with churches who have experienced tremendous generosity growth. Expect to hear about these tips on our blog, in downloadable ebooks, and through webinar and in-person speaking events.

In fact, here’s one of our more popular posts, “Storytelling paints a picture of the work God is doing.”

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