How Pushpay Can Help Make Your 2019 Budget Predictable

How Pushpay Can Help Make Your 2019 Budget Predictable

Church budgeting can be a challenge. It’s hard enough to create a budget when you know exactly how much is coming in, but the fact that the church is funded by the generosity of its members makes planning more difficult.

There’s also the added hurdle of irregular giving. You might have steady giving for the first part of the year and then watch giving dry up during the summer slump. You might head into December significantly under budget until increased year-end giving helps you finish off the year with a surplus.

With Pushpay, you can make your church giving more consistent and predictable.

Giving: Simple and quick

In most churches, traditional offerings are a barrier to static giving. People have one five-minute opportunity to give during the service. If they don’t have cash or checks on them or they’re not in the sanctuary, they miss their shot. And if they don’t give more next week to make up for it, the budget suffers.

Mobile giving allows them to give at any time from anywhere. The mid-service offering is no longer an obstacle to generosity. People can give as easily as they can order a pizza or get an Uber.  

“Before we started using Pushpay it was easier to order a pizza on your phone than it was to give to our church. While our registered members grew, we saw a steady decline in average weekly giving per family over the last 5 years. We have now overcome that and feel confident that we are setting up the Millennials to share their stewardship of treasure in the way they now how…on their phones. The first month of giving on Pushpay saw an immediate increase in participation and dollar amount.” —Stephen, Lenahan, Stephen Lenahan Director of Development & Communications, St. Anthony of Padua Church

Taking advantage of recurring giving

Pushpay users have the option of choosing a predetermined amount to automatically take out of their bank account at whatever interval they choose (weekly, monthly, etc.). It’s called recurring giving—and it can make a huge difference in your budgeting.

When church members take advantage of recurring giving, their giving becomes dependable. Whether they’re present or not, their offering comes in at the same interval—for the same amount. It doesn’t drop during the summer when they’re on vacation.

Recurring giving helps church members achieve the giving consistency they long for but might struggle to achieve. Your members might want to give regularly, but strive to do so in a steady fashion. Maybe they get behind in their giving and never catch up, or perhaps they just can’t get over the mental barrier of giving every week.

With recurring giving, they only need to be inspired to set it up once, and their giving becomes persistent—and so does your budget.

Encouraging recurring giving

Recurring giving might sound like a great idea, but how do you inspire people to try it out? It can feel meddlesome to push people toward automatic giving, but Pushpay can make it more organic.

In the admin console, churches can turn on a feature that allows Pushpay to suggest recurring giving. When someone has established a rhythm to the amount and regularity of their donations, Pushpay prompts them to sign up for a recurring schedule that’s consistent with their normal giving.

Churches can also set up recurring giving as a default. When someone donates, they can choose to make a one-time gift or the app will default to recurring giving. A lot of users are happy to stick with automatic giving when they see that it’s an option. And as more people embrace recurring transactions, their giving stabilizes, along with your budget.

Generosity you can count on

By improving the process of giving and making it simple for donors to give regularly, your church will see more dependable generosity all year round and a more predictable budget. Ready to learn more? Click here to talk to an expert today.

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