Using Church Tech To Extend Reach And Build Community

Jesus would take full advantage of today’s technology to touch people’s lives – at least, that’s what Pastor David Sauer of Adventure Church believes. Adventure Church leaders and staff put that belief into action, using technology to reach people in their church and community in creative ways to make a powerful impact on the Kingdom! In this episode of Moving Mountains Podcast, Pastor David Sauer joins Pushpay Host Pam Flanery to share how he and his team use today’s technology to touch people’s lives and make an impact.

The Adventure

During the restrictions of 2020, Adventure—and every church—were forced to do Church differently.

As a church founded in 2009 on a couch, they’ve been living the adventure of ministry for years, and found opportunities in the midst of change in 2020. Adventure Church’s team took their name literally and found creative ways to serve and connect with their community—as Pastor Dave says, “Being in ministry is an adventure… we intentionally use that name and love it.”

For Mother’s Day, they broadened their focus to their community as a whole, not just congregation members, with Adventure staff handing out 750 tumblers full of treats like candy and Starbucks gift cards. They also wanted to keep the hope of the holidays alive that Christmas and they hand-placed over 400 yard signs in their congregation’s yard.

The Tech

Pastor Dave believes that we need to be where people are, and that Jesus was the perfect example of how to reach people— he positioned himself where people could hear him. Dave points out that,in Jesus’ time, that meant talking to people by a lake or sharing a parable on a hillside. But what does that mean for today? What are the hillsides and lakes for the modern church?. Today, that’s done with technology.

Jesus would take full advantage of technology.

For Dave, that means Jesus would use speakers, lighting, and an app for the church. He would be on Facebook, Instagram (and even TikTok!), using those social media platforms to send an encouraging and positive message.

For churches that aren’t sure where to start, Dave recommends getting an easy-to-navigate website and app, or streaming on Facebook. Once people are comfortable with these small steps, churches can build to greater things and more integrated technology.

High Tech and High Touch

Technology is so critical for our churches to embrace. But it’s just one of the ways for the church to reach more people. Dave believes Jesus would still go to a hospital and visit a dying woman or visit a family with a sick child.

Pastor Dave closes by saying, “He wouldn’t just be high tech. He would be high touch.” These concepts go hand in hand. With technology, churches can expand their reach, express their message differently, and connect with new audiences.


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