14 Resources to Create Your Own Church Generosity Campaign

Generous churches know how to impact culture by giving in outrageous ways. Sometimes the thing standing in the way of your own campaign is a lack of technical skills or resources.

To help you out, we’ve compiled our top list of 14 practical resources to help you create a generosity campaign of your own.

Church Graphics

1. Pro Church Tools

Pro Church is a company based out of Ontario that focuses on essential media training for every church. They assist churches with designing graphics, creating videos, improving websites, and pretty much anything else involving digital media. As a fun bonus, they also record a weekly podcast with industry leaders. Here’s a recent episode.

2. Steve Fogg

Steve Fogg is the Communications and Church Online Pastor for Crossway Church in Melbourne, Australia. He also runs a private blog dedicated to helping church communication pros. I’ve linked to one post in particular that has some great church graphic resources. You’ll see his name pop up below as the moderator for #cmschat as well.

Church Website

3. Church OS

Church OS created a website solution specifically for churches. Their website is built to be used by someone whose technical ability is simply checking and sending emails. This allows churches to keep their sites constantly updated. The best part is the price point. Churches pay a monthly fee of just $39/month.

Generosity Tips and Advice

4. Generis

Generis is a company helping churches grow generosity toward their God-inspired vision. They consult with churches all across America. They also run a company blog featuring timely posts and full-length ebooks available to download for free.

5. Auxano’s Vision Room

Auxano consults with churches to help establish a solid vision and execute on specific generosity campaigns. They launched an educational portion of their website called the Vision Room. This site features highly practical articles from industry experts on a regular basis. Their email subscription also includes receiving a list of curated articles and downloadable content.

6. The Pushpay Blog

This is the blog you’re on currently, surprise! We publish at least twice a week and feature a variety of content from pastors, industry leaders, and Pushpay staff. We work hard to provide a mix of standard blog posts, in-depth articles, infographics, and downloadable books. If you subscribe, you’ll receive new posts in your inbox twice a month.

Church Leadership Email Lists

7. Leadership Network

Leadership Network is a non-profit ministry which began in 1984 with 20 leaders and now serves over 200,000 leaders all over the world. They are well known for their innovation, leadership development, and multiplication in the church. Their weekly email, called The Advance, is received by over 60,000 church leaders.

8. Jeff Anderson

Jeff is a respected author and speaker who carries a unique perspective on giving to the church. His book, Plastic Donuts, is a mainstay on many pastors shelves. Follow him and his ministry for advice on vision casting, capital campaigns, fundraising, and how to properly teach about giving to the church.

Check out this blog for additional church leadership resources!

Church Communications

10. The Pushpay App

The Pushpay App is a simple way to communicate with a church on the go. The app can upload your sermons, small group info, and more. What’s best is that the technology utilizes push notifications rather than relying on emails, which can easily get ignored. For a church that is looking to engage with its members using the mobile phone, the Pushpay App is a great way to go.

11. #cmschat & the Center for Church Communications

Church Marketing Sucks has been frustrating, educating, and motivating the church to communicate better since 2004. The #cmschat is their weekly gathering on Twitter where church communicators can connect and share ideas. Steve Fogg (see the Church Graphics section above) leads the discussion every Thursday at 9 p.m. (EST).

Digital Giving for Churches

12. Pushpay 

Pushpay is an all-in-one giving solution that moves givers to a recurring and spontaneous mobile experience. It’s the 10-second mobile giving solution that people will actually use. Our internal data shows that 90 percent who download the Pushpay App use it to give to their church on a regular basis, and 45 percent of gifts happen on days other than Sunday. In addition, the average gift size is $176—significantly higher than the averages of text and online giving. Pushpay is also the only giving solution to guarantee that you’ll see at least a 5 percent annual increase in your overall giving.

Church Generosity Videos

13. Give Like God Gives

Give Like God Gives is a video initiative of Pushpay. They’ve commissioned the making of 12 high-quality generosity videos which they are distributing free of charge to any church that wants to use them. The first video featured Bono from U2 talking about generosity at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C.

14. RightNow Media 

RightNow Media is a similar concept to Netflix. It gives every member of the church unlimited access to over 10,000 Video Bible Studies that they can watch anytime, anywhere: on televisions, phones, computers, tablets, etc. It’s a church-wide resource. There’s an awesome Kids Library with series like Veggie Tales and What’s in the Bible? from Phil Visher, and tons of other Kids’ cartoons and discipleship videos. There are also studies on marriage from Les and Leslie Parrott, Chip Ingram, Jimmy Evans, and Francis Chan. There’s finance content from Crown Financial and Dave Ramsey. There are studies on books of the Bible, biblical characters, apologetics, and other resources perfect for family devotionals, Bible studies, small groups, or independent study. There’s even main sessions from top leadership conferences like Catalyst, RightNow, Verge, D6, Passion and more! RightNow Media has something for every family, every staff, and every pastor which is why over 13,000 churches and 1.4 million people have started to use the streaming platform to equip families, resource groups, and develop leaders.

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