Thankful For: Celebrating Real Stories of Gratitude

With Thanksgiving only a couple of days away, we’d like to kick off your day of giving by sharing some amazing stories we received when asking our customers what they were thankful for this year. We reached out to all of you and are grateful for the number of stories we received to help spread the word of unexpected goodness. Many of you opened up about what you are thankful for or how God has used this year’s difficulties to provide you with something beautiful!

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These stories truly touched our hearts and we hope they bring more light to everyone in the midst of all the darkness this year has brought us.

We Are Thankful for Our Health and Health Care Workers

Being on the frontlines has been tough for the many friends and family that we personally know or who have helped us and others during the pandemic. For their dedication to keeping us all safe and healthy, we are grateful for them…

“In this crazy COVID year, there are still things to be thankful for. I broke my wrist in January, but the COVID shutdown allowed me to dedicate time for physical therapy – I am thankful that the therapist office was open.”

-Kim Hathaway, Business Director, Covenant Presbyterian Church

Thanks to immediate action by health care workers, prayers and keeping the faith, those who have been affected by COVID-19 have found strength to heal…

“I am thankful for my life. On April 1, 2020 I was admitted to the ICU at LSU Hospital for testing positive for coronavirus. I was on a breathing machine for 10 days, then had to be put back on for five more days. I know that if it had not been for The Lord, I would not be here today. The coronavirus is real, but God is real and alive. Trust and believe God.”

-Mary Williams, Church Staff, New Hope Baptist Church #1

Support of family has also helped those who have been living with medical conditions that may have physically affected them, but has not stopped them from thriving mentally, emotionally, and spiritually…

“I’m thankful for the family in my life. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2013. My family has done so much to support me. I am still active, not physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I have had brain surgeries and so many physical problems, pains, and many specialists. But I am grateful I can see my grandkids grow, see my daughters become the women they have become, and for my husband who will stick by me no matter how hard it gets.”

-Diana Medina, Centro Cristiano Escondido

We Commend the Churches’ Quick Action to Pivot

Despite the mandatory shut-down of physical services, churches across the country have pivoted to a digital strategy to stay connected with their congregation and help provide support where it’s needed…

“At the beginning of the pandemic our church staff was given lists of names so we could reach out to everyone in our database. Being an introvert it seemed like an overwhelming task. I was so blessed. I got to talk with young single moms who were working from home and trying to homeschool their kids, people asking for prayers who had been let go from their jobs, widows that were so tired of being shut in. I am thankful that I get to work at a church, and get to love on people.”

-Denise Scionti, Bookkeeper, Grace Community Church of Reno

The pandemic has brought many church communities together and they’ve shown this by taking the extra step to provide to their people in need, whether it be through prayers, financially or supportively…

“Since March 2020, our church has been blessed to give away nearly $350,000 to our church family and community throughout the pandemic. We are blessed and thankful to be able to help others in such challenging times.”

-Renee’ Blissett, Communications, Lighthouse Church of All Nations

Some churches are being creative and have found growth in their communities in the most unexpected places…

“I am thankful for creativity. Limitations and restrictions have provided us with so many opportunities to explore the different ways we can do things. This summer our church met outdoors under a canopy of trees. We enjoyed a beautiful season of outdoor worship with good memories to look back on. No meeting indoors led us to look at the rest of our property with fresh eyes. Right now we’re thinking about how we can turn our Christmas season inside out so that some of our songs, celebrations, and decor happen outside. It takes a bit of up front work to turn traditions and change minds, but we’ve discovered that the solutions to many of our “problems” have been right here all along. The creativity that God used to make the earth and everything in it, is in us too. And for that, I’m truly grateful!”

-Julie Cook, Church Staff, Hillcrest Covenant Church

While other church members have found it in themselves to pay it forward…

“For our church’s response to the needs presented due to the COVID virus. I oversee the Care MInistry at Worship Center in Lancaster, PA. One of my opportunities at the church is to receive calls from those who want to help others. We received dozens of these types of calls. One that stands out to me today is the elementary teacher who called to explain she would be teaching from home and would not need to pay for childcare for some time. Therefore, she wanted to take the funds she would have used for childcare and donate it to a family in need. What an incredible response to the shut-down we have all endured!

-Eric Scott, Care Ministry, Worship Center

We Are Grateful for Our Pushpay and Church Community Builder Customers

During this unexpected time, we’re so grateful that our customers are using Pushpay and Church Community tools and resources to communicate with their congregation and make giving easy, so they can expand their reach within their community…

I am thankful that a student in our youth ministry downloaded the Bible App + Daily Devotion App! God’s truth and love is making a difference in that student’s life!”

-Neal Folger, Leesburg United Methodist Church

Through Online Giving, our partnership has helped churches provide meals to what some may consider the furthest reaches of the world…

“I’m thankful that we received enough donations through Pushpay to provide 65 children at the Paul School for the Blind in Sierra Leone with three meals a day. The children now have the energy to stay awake during class sessions, and excitement to learn about God!”

-Hailey Roberts, Director, Veritas Foundation

Our partnerships and what we provide to our churches are why we continue to work endlessly…

“I am thankful for technology that has allowed me to stay connected to church and my family and friends!”

-Christal Bell, New Saint Paul AME – Tampa

We are thankful for the kindness and generosity that has presented itself this year despite the obstacles we have been faced with. God works in mysterious ways to only remind us that we have it within ourselves to be thankful for what we may have not realized was right in front of us.

We’d also like to show our gratitude for your thankfulness that has helped us to provide 3,900 meals through Feeding America to those without this holiday season.

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