The Better Way to Create Giving Statements for your Church

The Better Way to Create Giving Statements for your Church

Issuing giving statements has always been one of those frustrating and time-consuming annual church requirements. Even in our digital age, many church secretaries are still printing out paper statements for every donor and then folding, stuffing, sealing, addressing, and mailing them. 

It shouldn’t have to be that way. 

At Pushpay, we’re convinced that technology can serve both the donor and the recipient. Not only should a church member be able to give in seconds or sign up for effortless recurring giving, but church administrators should also be able to use that information on the back end to make bookkeeping easier. 

Here’s how we’re doing that with giving statements. 

The power of frequent giving statements 

Most churches prepare giving statements once a year. It requires so much preparation and work that they do it as infrequently as possible. But what if giving statements are tools capable of doing more than reporting on taxable giving?

The truth is that most people aren’t monitoring their giving. Week to week, they give as they feel led and often believe they’re giving more than they actually are. When churches issue statements more frequently, their donors are encouraged to give more. A simple lack of awareness is a significant factor that contributes to low giving.   

Pushpay supports a church’s ability to send giving statements on the timetable that makes the most sense. Want to send statements twice a year or once a quarter? No problem. In fact, you can set them up to go out on your own custom timeline.

You might be thinking, “Wait a second. This is a frustrating enough task to do annually. Why would we want to do it more often?”

That’s a good question. Even if you generated more income by sending out frequent giving statements, would the ROI be worth it? Yes—especially if you emailed them. But here’s where it starts getting good. . .

Self Access Giving Statements

What if you didn’t have to send giving statements out unless they were specifically requested? Pushpay’s Self Access Giving Statements allows your members to view and download their current (and historical) giving records. This empowers the giver to monitor their giving in the easiest possible fashion. 

All a church has to do is send out a link where members can access their information. For security purposes, this one-time link expires after 14 days, keeping your members and church information secure. This saves the church valuable time, effort, and resources while enabling faithful givers to be more aware of and proactive in their giving habits.  

Administration made easier

Across the board, churches are delighted at discovering that not only does Pushpay encourage more generosity on behalf of users, but it also makes it easier to manage. You can see this in the way they talk about Pushpay:

“Pushpay has greatly improved the overall giving experience for our church body. The interface is easy for donors to navigate, and the back-end reporting provides my team with everything we need for weekly reporting, monthly reconciliations, and annual giving statements.”— Brett Billman, Director of Finance, Watermark Community Church

“Pushpay has caught up by leaps and bounds on the administrative side, especially with the Annual Giving Statements. I just don’t think there’s anything better from a product standpoint.”—Justin Isenhart, Director of Business Support, Churchome

We want to help you nurture and care for your members. That’s why we pride ourselves on paying attention to feedback from churches like yours. We want to make it easier to be generous, and that requires effortless communication. Pushpay’s giving statements is another element of this award-winning software that makes it possible to fulfill this goal.

To learn more about how Pushpay can assist with your church’s giving statements, click here to talk to one of our church technology experts today!

Jayson D. Bradley

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