7 Resources Executive Pastors Need to Level Up Church Operations

“Church operations” represents a broad category of the work executive pastors are largely responsible for. It involves human resources and staffing, documentation, finance, facilities, communications, business management, church growth strategies, and ministry advancement.

That means executive pastors need expertise in a wide range of areas that impact your church—and there is always more to learn. To help you take your church operations to the next level, we’ve rounded up a variety of resources that will help you discover new strategies and opportunities to continue building a flourishing ministry.

Check out these books, ebooks, and webinars.

1. Smart Church Management by Patricia S. Lotich

smart church management Format: Ebook, Print

Patricia Lotich is an MBA and Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence through the American Society for Quality. She has ten years of business administration and church operations experience, and Smart Church Management distills her expertise to help church staff better manage their time, people, and money to achieve their goals.

This book will give you the tools to implement new strategies for managing your staff and volunteers, creating and sticking to a responsible budget, developing a plan for public relations, and more.

2. Church Online Playbook by Life.Church

church online Format: Free ebook

Life.Church originally used Facebook Groups to help people all around the world find Christian community. They originally created the Church Online Playbook for the volunteers who ran these groups, but they realized it would be valuable to anyone who wanted to tap into the ministry potential of Facebook Groups.

Inside, you’ll find tips for setting up Facebook Groups, using Facebook Live, creating a content schedule, and monitoring engagement. Get your free copy here.

3. 4 Ways to Build a Stronger Church Staff in 2019

vanderbloemen webinar Format: Free webinar

As the Vice President of Marketing for Vanderbloemen Search Group, Holly Tate has spent seven years working with some of the largest and most dynamic ministries in America. She’s seen the power of culture when it works, and the problems that arise when it doesn’t.

We invited her to join us for a free webinar where we covered things like:

  • How to establish and scale your staff values in 2019
  • What you need to create more equitable compensation plans
  • How to retain and motivate your team (without giving big raises)
  • How to lead millennials as they go from “new kids” to established team members

Watch and learn as she shares these insights from the most well-known church staffing organization.

4. Rewired by Brandon Cox

rewired Format: Ebook, Print

Brandon Cox is a former pastor at Saddleback Church. In Rewired, he helps churches recognize social media’s potential for creating relationships and leading people to community. He explores the theological reasons why churches should be involved in social media and explains how churches can adapt their ministries to fit the modern world. He also digs into some of the technical aspects of using social media.

5. 2019 Church Staff Salary Guide by Pushpay

Format: Free ebook

Missing the mark on compensation can have a major impact on your church. If salaries are too low, you might discover some things the hard way.

The wrong compensation can weaken your team’s cohesion and enthusiasm. If you aren’t careful, high turnover can cost you more than increasing your staff’s compensation would. And you might miss out on talented individuals who are otherwise interested in joining your team.

With the help of Vanderbloemen Search Group, we compiled a guide for making salary decisions that not only honor your staff and their hard work but are also wise decisions for your church as a whole.

Get your free copy here.

6. Performance Management by Life.Church

performance management Format: Free documents

Life.Church has a suite of free resources to help you manage your staff and volunteers. Performance Management contains documents and templates for evaluating your team members, correcting inappropriate staff behavior, giving employees formal warnings, reviewing a team member’s performance, and self-evaluating performance.

7. 5 Crucial Church Metrics You’re Not Measuring

Format: Free ebook

Numbers only matter because they represent people—and people matter. The right numbers can help us explore how effectively we’re creating disciples and impacting our communities.

In this ebook, we walk you through five important metrics most churches don’t think to measure, helping your church move beyond attendance and into numbers that show how much ministry is happening. Get your free copy.

Church leadership like any other type of leadership means always learning and always growing. We hope these resources help level up your pastoral team in 2019 and beyond!

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