4 Ways Church Technology Can Improve Easter

Technology has the ability to elevate and amplify ministries of every size and denomination all year long, but major holidays are particularly reliant on digital-era tools. As our CEO Molly Matthews always says, we must strive to “meet people where they’re at.” These days, that means their screens.

Besides Christmas, Easter church attendance will spark the biggest influx of engagement your church will see all year. Your ministry simply can’t waste this moment to connect with so many community members who don’t usually participate. This guide will point you to strategies for leveraging technology to inspire, engage, and convert those guests and visitors into members for life.

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Church Apps Increase Communication

You may have the biggest, greatest, most inspiring Easter program ever planned—but it’s not going to be seen and heard if no one knows about it! Ensure that your tech suite is loudly and proudly promoting the upcoming festivities.

Church Management software empowers you to communicate directly with your church members to share important details about upcoming events. You can promote participation, make volunteer asks, and encourage members to communicate and coordinate with one another during the holiday season.

Remember to explore all of the tools your ChMS offers. One particularly helpful tool is the ability to automatically add Easter events and church service times to your ministry’s shared calendar, which increases visibility and ensures members won’t miss the parts of your program they feel especially called to.

Importance of Producing Consistent Communication

The methods you use to inform the community about Easter events should be implemented all year. It sounds odd, but you should train your members to be on the lookout for important announcements and updates; that way, when the busiest times of year do arrive, you can rely on the established patterns of communication to get the word out fast and efficiently.

Online Giving Tools to Simplify Tithes

Visitors and members alike will feel called to donate to your ministry during the holidays. Make sure you’re not inadvertently putting roadblocks in their way this Easter; facilitate their generosity with intuitive online giving for churches.

These days, so few people carry cash around, which means—despite their best intentions—they may forget to stop by the ATM before Easter service. Your church can simultaneously make those guests feel at ease and promote generosity by highlighting all the digital pathways they could use to give.

One of the most powerful tools for increasing flexibility in giving are QR codes. Easily scanned off a welcome sign, poster board, or even the back of a pew, QR codes are now a staple of everyday life, and they provide multiple opportunities for your Easter congregation to show their appreciation and generosity.

Donor Management and Organization

It goes without saying that everyone has different means and preferences for showing generosity to your ministry. For leaders, the trick is identifying where people are in their individual giving journeys, and ensuring that they’re nurturing generosity properly at these specific moments in that journey. Donor Management platforms are your ally here. Take advantage of the analytics and insights that a streamlined, all-in-one platform can provide, so that you can minister your community more effectively.

Manage Finances And Attendance In One Platform

Technology isn’t a new concept for churches. Nearly every ministry utilizes digital solutions, be that social media, a church mobile app, a church website, text message alerts, accounting software, or a dozen other common tech tools. However, more and more churches are discovering the power and simplicity of having all their tools operating in a single unified technology suite—usually a ChMS and Donor Management platform.

Giving information is a powerful tool for analyzing the health of your ministry. You can recognize patterns for individuals and the congregation as a whole, but to comprehend the full scope of engagement on significant dates—say, Easter Sunday—it’s valuable to attach attendance data to those giving figures.

For example, your church might experience a significant increase in giving against last year’s Easter service (yay!). It would be great for your church leadership team to be able to identify whether that boost was tied to increased attendance, if more members were using your online giving tools, or whether that jump could be tied to a huge turnout of first-time guests. 

Streamline Planning and Scheduling

Beyond the tremendous value in encouraging and analyzing generosity in your community, ChMS platforms can simplify all the tedious manual processes that go into Easter planning. Organizing staff and volunteers is a breeze, as well as communicating requests to your membership so that everyone’s in sync building up to the holiday.

Re-Engage Your Congregation After Easter

The holiday is over. You successfully engaged long-time members and first-time guests, and it feels like the perfect time to take a well-earned break…

But here’s the thing—Easter follow-up is just as important as the work you put toward the holiday itself. For a brief window in time, your local community will be more enthusiastic about your ministry, and much more likely to adopt a pattern of engagement. You should look for creative ways to further church communication to keep that connection and momentum going. 

Be sure to thank everyone who attended service as quickly as possible—especially the visitors you don’t see that often—and invite them to continue participating in the life of your church. Share what your church is planning for the near future, and encourage them to participate however they feel comfortable. Small, approachable volunteer tasks are especially powerful tools for inspiring those Easter guests to take the next step toward fully engaged disciples!

Year-Round Events Keep Members Coming Back.

Not every event needs to be as large and grand as an Easter celebration. Create smaller, more intimate opportunities that inspire the community to get involved on a regular basis. Consider a mix of volunteer work, community projects, and good-old-fashioned fun—that should appeal to the wide-ranging interests of any community. 

We’ve got you covered with five engaging Easter ideas for church growth and giving to prep you for next year’s planning. Get the word out with your ChMS’s communication tools, ensuring everyone who participated during Easter season knows about the diverse opportunities you’ve created for continued engagement.

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