Consolidated Giving Means Better Reporting, Deeper Metrics

The Problem with Multiple Giving Methods

Digital giving is an accountant’s dream. It’s quick and easy for the donor, and it puts everything in the right place for the bookkeeper. Every donation is automatically logged and ready to load into your financial records and future Annual Giving Statements.

But not every gift is that easy.

Although online giving is on the rise, we know not everyone will use it. You’ll always have some people who’d prefer to give though other methods (cash, checks, etc.). And of course, that’s fine. God blesses generosity no matter how it comes. But receiving gifts in multiple methods complicates your job.

Your church’s ability to dig deeply into giving metrics that can tell the story of generosity in your church is threatened by your diverse giving methods, too. To really understand giving in your context, you need to have all the data in one place.

Consolidating Your Donations

Pushpay has created two particular tools to help you consolidate your giving into one place.

  • Check Deposit: Through this feature, you can quickly, easily, and securely turn a large number of checks into electronic entries and transfer the funds to your bank remotely (and quickly). This will streamline your check-handling process as you scan (and endorse) your checks in bulk.
  • Gift Entry: Thanks to our virtual terminal, you’ll have a single location to enter gifts on behalf of the donor, no matter how it comes in. This will provide deeper giving insights and streamlined workflows, especially leading up to your preparation of Annual Giving Statement preparation.
    Our Easy Search feature means you only have to enter a donor’s information once. After that, the information will re-populate automatically. Less data entry means fewer human errors to hold you back.
    You can also now delegate much of this to volunteers with our new updated admin roles. You can give volunteers “payment entry access only” so they can help you with data entry while you keep the rest of your sensitive financial data secure.

We know the future of church giving will be through digital channels (particularly mobile), but many of your donors aren’t there yet. Through Check Deposit and Gift Entry, you’ll be able to put all of your giving in one place so you can prepare thorough Annual Giving Statements and delve into deep giving metrics.

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