11 Push Notifications That Will Help Grow Your Church This Easter

The joyous occasion of Easter is fast approaching.

And you and your team are working hard to make sure your church is set up for a successful Easter season. While a few more first-time visitors than usual can be expected over Easter, your church can do a few simple things to drive even higher attendance, and, hopefully, see more people coming to faith over this season.

One of those simplest strategies you can use to encourage attendance? Push notifications.

They’re an excellent and easy-to-use tool more and more churches are using to communicate with their communities and stay top of mind. And many ministries take them one step further by sending action-oriented messages that help drive engagement and participation.

That’s why these notifications are perfect for encouraging participation in Easter events.

Here are 11 plug-and-play Easter push notification templates your church can use to help drive attendance and engagement in time for Easter.

Easter Push Notification Templates

  1. New Lent devotional available on the app. Tap to read Day 1 and share with your friends!
  2. You won’t believe what we have in store for Easter. Tap here to learn more and invite a friend!
  3. Painted eggs? Check. Lots of candy? Check. We’re ready for the Easter egg hunt tomorrow at 9 AM. Join us!
  4. Lots of opportunities to serve at Easter! Check them out on our app.
  5. Join us as we reflect together on Jesus’ great sacrifice for us at noon on Good Friday.
  6. Ready to donate to this Sunday’s Easter offering for home missions? Tap to give on the app!
  7. Parents: Want to help your kids understand why we celebrate Lent? This video can help.
  8. Make a new faith commitment this morning? Pastor Bob will walk you through next steps in this video.
  9. Prepare your ♥ for Easter through our new devotional series starting today.
  10. Out of town for Easter? Watch the service on the app @ 9 AM or 11 AM.
  11. Pastor Joe has all the details about church Easter plans. Tap here to watch the video.

And there’s a lot more you can say using push notifications! You can send notifications over Easter weekend or afterward to follow up with guests with creative calls to action. For more push notification templates you can use and a guideline on using them well, download our free resource, 211 Ready-to-Send Push Notifications That Will Grow Your Church, today.

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