Pushpay Welcomes New Chapter of Growth and Innovation

It’s been more than seven years since I joined the Pushpay team, and I am just as inspired by the passion, dedication, and resilience of the churches we serve as I was on the day I started. We’ve grown to serve more than 14,000 customers, and it’s incredible to see the work they do to serve their communities by spreading a message of faith and hope, and bringing people closer together in community—whether in-person or online. They truly make the world a better place, and it’s been an honor to be a part of their journey over the years.

Just like many churches we serve, our organization has evolved over the years in order to grow and serve our community best. Today, I’m privileged to share news about that journey and the next chapter of our growth, which will propel us forward as we continue to support the great work of churches for years to come.

I am pleased to announce that Pushpay was recently acquired, and we are excited to welcome BGH Capital and Sixth Street as our new owners.

Both investors have supported our success for many years, and fully believe in Pushpay’s vision and mission. With a single source of funding and investment from owners that share our values, and who are committed to supporting our long-term growth, our team’s focus has never been more clear—to further empower our current customers, engage future customers, and accelerate product innovation.

This next chapter in Pushpay’s story opens a world of possibilities for our team and the churches we serve—and continues our history of nimble, intentional, dynamic growth as a company. This is an occasion worth celebrating.

Our Growth Journey

Pushpay was founded in New Zealand in 2011, with the vision that people should be able to give to their church as simply as they could download a song on their mobile device. We were first-to-market to deliver a seamless, innovative giving solution specifically developed to meet the needs of the Church.

Like any young company, Pushpay needed funding to help support product innovation and company growth. Local entrepreneurs recognized our passionate drive to create meaningful technology for the Church, and they were the catalyst for Pushpay becoming a public company in New Zealand in 2014. That investment allowed us to expand rapidly, and further invest in developing the digital tools churches were already coming to rely on. 

Today—over a decade later—98% of our customers are in the U.S., along with our entire executive team. As such, being publicly listed in New Zealand is no longer a strategic approach. This was one factor in our decision to seek and accept private ownership.

We are incredibly humbled and grateful for those that have invested in us and supported Pushpay’s mission over the years. Through their support—and our talented, dedicated, ever-growing internal team—we have continuously evolved to meet the shifting technology needs of our customers and the Church as a whole.

Culture of Innovation

I often say that innovation is in Pushpay’s DNA. Our deep-seated passion for development is what motivates myself and our team, day in and day out. 

That’s why Pushpay is no longer just a giving solution. In response to the changing needs and desires of our customers and the Church, we evolved our product suite and now deliver so much more for customers—including apps, a church management solution, livestream technology, and more. These huge strides forward were accomplished through our talented in-house development teams, and supplemented by our acquisition of powerful platforms like Church Community Builder and Resi Media.

Our team has no intention of slowing down. We will continue to lead from the front, developing the cutting-edge tools churches need to forward their mission—which is a major reason why we are so excited about our new owners.

As growth investors, BGH Capital and Sixth Street have expressed commitment to prioritize investment in the development of our already market-leading software, and to enhance focus on Pushpay and Resi customers. This new investment enables us to grow into the future as we continue to build technology solutions to help our customers strengthen community, connection, and belonging.

But, all that talk of progress aside, there will absolutely be no disruption to our day-to-day operations.

Business As Usual

For existing customers and partners, your team at Pushpay remains committed to supporting your organization. There will be no change whatsoever to our relationship. Support, communication, and billing will not be affected by this transition.

To our passionate team members in the U.S. and New Zealand; we’re committed to retaining and attracting the best talent, and will continue strengthening our culture so that everyone can achieve their full potential through a rewarding and meaningful career.

And for those yet to march alongside us—well, there couldn’t be a more electrifying moment to come along for the ride. 

Our mission and vision remain the same, and continues to anchor our focus as an organization. We will continue to be the leading innovative engagement software that helps organizations know, grow, and keep their community.

So while our ownership may be changing, the fire in us that’s driven over a decade of effective innovation for the Church remains. We are honored to deliver solutions that bring people together by strengthening community, connection, and belonging. Now, and for many years to come.

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