Saddleback’s 3-Part Social Media Strategy

This past week we were lucky enough to have Haley Veturis from Saddleback Church join Alejandro Reyes for our March Pushpay webinar. She shared the three-part social media strategy behind Saddleback’s successful social media marketing.

For many of you, using social media for your church can be a daunting task, and it’s difficult to know where to start. Haley’s approach for social media in the church is not only successful but incredibly practical. Her three-part strategy will be beneficial whether you’ve only dabbled in social media for your church or have a dedicated social media team!

Here’s a snapshot of Haley Veturis’s three-part social media strategy:

CONNECT: Engage with People because We Care about People First

As a church, we are called to meet our communities where they are. Social media allows us to do that quickly and effectively. The key is to be active by responding to comments and liking or following people within your congregation.

TEACH: Educate Our Community with Practical, Transformative, and Hope-Filled Content

From the Sunday morning sermon to community events, your church has so many places for valuable content to carry throughout the week. Haley’s favorites are what she calls “light-bulb” moments. These are bits from the sermon that resonate with your church members that you can convert into social media content. Be on the lookout for moments like these!

SHARE: Expose Our Community to Ministry Opportunity

This is where you will do your social media “marketing.” Social media is a great place to interact but also to share engaging ministry opportunities with your church members. Haley’s key point here is to be specific with who you’re marketing to. This will also be a great way to gauge what kind of ministry opportunities your members are excited about!

This is just a snapshot of what Haley covers in the webinar. In the on-demand replay, you can get an in-depth look into how she’s been able to utilize social media to engage Saddleback’s large church community!

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