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The End of the Year Gets Crazy

Let’s face it. The end of the year usually gets a little crazy with the holiday season.

End-of-year giving gets stressful for many churches because they still manage their giving out of different buckets—buckets for cash gifts, check gifts, mobile app gifts, etc. Each of those buckets represent silos that rarely mix. To find out what one person gives, churches have to look at their church management system, their digital giving solution, and maybe even their bank accounts.
But eventually the giving has to be connected. You can’t send home different Annual Giving Statements for cash, check, and digital giving. The question is how much of this reconciliation process is manual, and how much is automatic. The process of reconciling all of those giving channels comes with the cost of time and money.

But what if you could centralize your giving all in one place? Now you can.

New 2017 Pushpay Features

The new features rolling-out this year will continue to give you back time as you consolidate all of your giving in one place. Here are a few of those features:

1. Gift Entry

You may have used our Virtual Terminal in the past to record offline envelope giving that you received in the mail or in your offering plate. It tracked giving by transactions. Unfortunately, you had to re-enter the donor details for every transaction.

We’ve revamped Virtual Terminal, now Gift Entry and made it  easier to manage all of your offline giving starting with the Giver first.
Key Highlights

  • Quick entry with auto-pop
  • Easy onboarding of givers to mobile
  • Simple processing for cash, cards, ACH, and checks

All of the new functionality will not only saves you time (and keystrokes), but it’ll reduce the potential for human error in this important process.  

To learn more we encourage you to watch this short video.

2. Check Deposit

Like Gift Entry, our new Check Deposit feature will help you centralize all of your giving in one place. Simply scan the checks you receive into the system in bulk using one of the many compatible scanners. You can scan, endorse, and deposit as many as 50 checks at any one time. The software will recognize previous givers and attribute the gifts to their profiles. You can even split a single check across multiple funds, which means you only need to scan/enter a check one time to record it for all of the right functions.

Key Highlights

  • Access funds faster
  • Save time with virtual endorsement
  • Scan, process, and record checks simultaneously
  • Centralize giving records
  • Encourage givers to convert to digital

With Check Deposit, all of your check givers details are recorded and matched with their prior giving. You can learn more and take a look at this short video.

3. Enhanced Giving Experience

The completely redesigned giving experience fosters fast, secure giving that is intuitive and branded for your church. The experience is the same no matter if a user is accessing it from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Key Highlights

  • Clear, simple giving experience across all devices
  • Customized look
  • Accepts ACH, debit, or credit card*
  • Easy giver onboarding experience
  • More secure with mobile authentication

Get Your Time Back

All of this contributes to bringing your giving together in one place. That makes putting together Annual Giving Statements in January much easier because you no longer need to combine divergent systems. And that means less work for you.

Are you ready to get some of your time back?

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