Using Media to Increase Engagement in Your Church

Most churches in America (and around the world) are already creating and sharing content.

You’re posting sermon recordings to your website or through your app. You’re sharing photos of your community on Instagram. You’re promoting daily scripture readings on Twitter and Facebook. Maybe your pastor has even started blogging or podcasting.

While there are many differences between these platforms and channels, the goal for the content is the same: To extend your ministry beyond the four walls of your church and to draw people deeper into your community. So the question is: Is it working?

That’s what we asked Trent Dunham, President of Dunham and Company, to help us understand. Trent joined us for a webinar recently, where we discussed the various ways in which growing churches are leveraging content to increase engagement with their communities.

If you’re like most churches, your question isn’t if you should be sharing your content digitally, but where, when, and how you should be doing it.

What social platform(s) should you prioritize? Is livestreaming worth the investment? What about an app? And whatever channels you use, how do you know if they’re working?

These are the questions we asked Trent to help us answer. Joining Trent on the webinar is Nils Smith, Dunham and Company’s Chief Strategist of Social Media and Innovation (and the proud owner of over 165,000 Twitter followers). Nils travels the world helping churches leverage emerging technologies to spread the Gospel, and he has some phenomenal insights on this webinar.

Nils and Trent spend 30 minutes unpacking various tactics churches around the country are utilizing to plan, optimize, and measure their media strategies, and then another 20 minutes fielding a rapid-fire (and highly relevant) Q&A.

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