Webinar Replay: Growing Recurring Giving Starts with These 3 Strategies

Healthy churches share a lot in common: strong leaders, a ministry-centered vision for the future, community groups, great coffee, the list goes on and on. The one surprising thing healthy churches also happen to share? A strong base of recurring givers.

And while most churches can celebrate the presence of maybe a few dozen recurring givers in their congregations, many churches recognize that they need more people to give more often so they can expand their ministries and reach more people. That’s where efforts to increase recurring giving come into play.

Growing Recurring Giving

Recurring givers donate 45% more than one-time givers, so more recurring schedules means more predictability, and overall donations will naturally increase. Plus, a growing base of recurring donors:

  • Gives your team visibility not only into historic giving but future giving as well
  • Helps your church better plan for new hires, new ministries, new outreach projects, etc.
  • Is a key indicator of congregational engagement
  • Smooths out seasonal peaks and valleys in donations

Free Webinar Replay: Recurring Giving Strategies

Discover how churches like yours can thrive financially, even during the seasonal ebbs and flows of yearly giving. Watch our free on-demand webinar replay on the three strategies growing churches are using to see real increases in recurring giving. Click here or the button below to watch the replay today!

increase recurring giving at church

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