Annual Giving Summaries: Your Church Needs a Strategy, Not a Statement

The calendar says January. Someone is knocking on your door, filling up your email inbox, or asking for a timeline because.…it’s time to send out those giving statement things.

As a leader, you have much to do. Not only are you responsible for the daily care of the congregation, but you also deal with life’s unexpected moments. You lead the staff and volunteers, and oh, by the way, attend to the weekend services, oversee the budget, and deal with pastoral care conversations that are often as exhausting as they are essential.

Given all these responsibilities, annual giving statements can often feel like just another task on your to-do list. But what if they were so much more than that?

Converting a Chore into a Ministry Asset

What if you could take what is normally a mundane administrative function and turn it into a powerful pastoral moment? What if these IRS-required documents could be deployed to grow your relationship with your giving community and establish a foundation of giving that will sustain your church for all of 2018 and beyond?

Taking this obligatory moment and turning it into a channel for mission expansion and pastoral connection is a shrewd move on your part as a leader. Elevating the giving conversation in your church to thank your givers is huge.

Keeping Only the Best Tools in Your Ministry Toolbox

Having walked with over 7,000 churches through the year-end reporting process, we realized the untapped potential of the giving statements to engage and inspire donors. This is one of the reasons we rolled out our popular Annual Giving Statements tool last year.

It is also one of the reasons we were so excited to team up with our friends at Generis to create a FREE resource that will help you and your team think more strategically about the role annual giving statements play in the life of your church.

As you prepare an annual giving communication for your givers, we hope you’ll use this resource to frame your work. The practical tips and examples in the ebook will walk you through every step of the process. The done-for-you resources and checklists will set you on a path to deeper engagement with your givers.

Making a Meaningful Connection

We know how easy it is to relegate your church’s giving statements to a box that needs to simply be checked and forgotten. But we’ve also seen the impact that can be achieved when churches combine their statements with a strategy.

We hope that’s what you’ll do this year.

Don’t settle for easy and efficient. Don’t outsource this essential task to ChMS automation, but instead aim for your statements to make a meaningful connection with your givers. Take advantage of this natural moment to invest in the lives of your donors. And take advantage of this free resource to guide you along the way!

Click below to get instant access to the entire ebook.

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