Pastor’s Guide: How To Lead Through Crisis

Every church leader hopes for the best, but must always be ready to react and respond to the crises faced by their community. These situations can be daunting, overwhelming, and a lonely burden to bear. But your ministry trusts you to lead through troubled times—and you don’t have to do so alone. Explore the resources below for strategies and inspiration that can guide you and your congregation through troubled times.

Leading in Crisis

These resources were curated specifically to provide actionable steps and insights that can aid anyone called to lead in times of distress.


Tools and mindsets that pastors can invoke to manage difficult situations, many of which are tailored to the modern challenges of churches and congregations.

Generosity in Crisis

Unexpected troubles often require a wave of financial support—at a potentially awkward time to make such an ask of your community.


Different methods and digital strategies for communicating urgent financial requests of your members, and how to rapidly process and redirect their gifts to the proper channels.

Serving in Crisis

In times of need, ministries are often fortunate to receive an outpouring of support from their members. That said, if you don’t have the systems and processes in place to foster that engagement, you’re at risk of creating frustration and burnout.


Tips for nurturing everyone’s time and talent—and technology’s role in that effort—to maximize the effectiveness of your community’s service.

Communicating in Crisis

There’s no more critical moment for communication than during hardship. Your plan for spreading notifications, details, requests, and more must be streamlined and understood by everyone on your leadership team.


How to reach all your people—staff, volunteers, regular congregants, occasional visitors—quickly and effectively, through the channels they prefer using to interact with your ministry.

Reporting After Crisis

Once the storm passes and the flurry of community activity winds down, a leader’s job still isn’t over. Financials need to be assessed, volunteer hours examined, digital engagement trends analyzed, and more.


That you don’t need to process all this data on your own! Learn the importance of having tech solutions in place that will automatically handle the heavy lifting of reporting.

Get the resources your ministry needs to weather any storm.