Say Goodbye to Scattered Giving Records

Be honest. You dread January. You have all of those giving records to consolidate from all of those different places. And you have a time limit—one month—to get a giving statement out the door.

It’s enough to make you want to climb back in bed.

Harder Than It Needs to Be?

When generosity flows from your community, it’s good no matter where it comes from. Today, people give in many different ways: Cash, checks, credit cards, in-kind gifts, etc. And while you value every single one of those gifts, the variety of giving options makes it tough on those with the responsibility to track the giving.  

Most giving platforms simply can’t keep up with all of those options. They specialize in the ability to track particular kinds of gifts. But that simply won’t work for today’s churches.

Eventually, you must gather all your giving in one place if you are going to properly report it.
That’s why you need an all-in-one giving system.

So, What Does an “All-in-One Giving System” Look Like?

Pushpay’s Annual Giving Statement features will help. The recent additions of Gift Entry and Check Deposit have been key parts of this effort. Gift Entry makes it easier than ever to record envelope giving into your system. Check Deposit simplifies the process of entering checks into your system.

Now, Transaction Import will allow you to add transactions in bulk to your Pushpay record. With Transaction Import, you can now put all of your giving into Pushpay, no matter how people give.

What does this mean for Pushpay customers?

  • New Pushpay customers can easily import their transactions from other systems so they don’t have to manually enter them all.
  • If you receive giving from other systems, Pushpay can now be your central location to record all of your transactions. This new feature makes it easy to transfer these records to Pushpay.

That means whenever it’s time to do annual giving statements, you’ll have everything in one spot:

  • You won’t need to send out multiple statements for the same giver.
  • You won’t need to hunt and search through all of your different giving records.
  • You won’t need to manually enter transactions.

Combine that with an easy-to-use Annual Giving Statement system, and you’ve made January much smoother.

So, what will you do with your extra time in January?

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