Church App Builder: Launch Your Church App with No Coding

Church Apps are a crucial tool for church success. Churches have a lot of options when it comes to creating custom smartphone apps. Some rely on developers in their congregation, but without your own church app builder, it can take months—or even years—to get your church mobile app just how you want.

Others hire from outside, which can be faster and can give you a quality app, but it creates a bottleneck—when you want to change or create a feature, you often have to go back to the church app developer you engaged. (Not to mention, it costs a lot up front.)

Having a developer create and build a custom-code church app always takes time because you’re creating an app from scratch—and relying on someone else to bring your vision to life.

But there’s another route to a great custom mobile app: A church app builder.

What is a church app builder?

A church app builder (like Pushpay) provides a “do-it-yourself” approach to creating a high-quality mobile church app. You decide what you want your app to do and what you want it to look like. After that, making it a reality is like flipping a switch. Your app is done and ready for the app stores. At Pushpay, we don’t even charge you a setup fee.

If you’ve decided it’s time to get an app, here’s why you should go with a church app builder.

Creating A Church App By Yourself

People turn to developers because building a custom mobile app is complicated. You know what you want, and they know how to make it work.

But,  a church app builder bridges the gap by using modular-style templates.

This means two things:


You don’t need a developer to be the middleman between you and your church app. Church app builders give you the keys to your app. Templates make it easy to select the features you want and personalize them with your church’s information. Pushpay’s app builder even lets you drag-and-drop features right into your app.

When you want to change something, anyone on your team with administrative privileges can get in and make it happen. You can easily edit your church’s information at any time.

We’ve already built all the key features churches use, and behind the scenes, a whole team of developers keeps your app running smoothly. So you’ll have the support of a developer’s expertise, without the complicated back-and-forth to actually get your app running and working with your other tools.


When you hear “templates,” you probably picture a generic app that looks like everyone else’s. But that’s not how Pushpay’s app builder works. Before getting started, check out the 10 best church app features to incorporate into your own.

Most church apps have the same handful of features, regardless of whether they had a developer make a custom-coded app or they used a church app builder.

Suppose someone draws an outline of a face and asks a group of people to create a self-portrait, using that template. Every face is going to start with the same basic structure, but each one will be unique.

Your church is what makes your app unique.

The best church app builders give you ample opportunity to let your church’s unique qualities show in your app. You control your app’s features and branding. That means it’ll feature your logo. It’ll use your colors. The sections can be titled however you want. And it will look and feel like your church.

App builders let you produce a high-quality church app at an affordable price.

Here’s how it works with Pushpay.

How to Build a Church App with Pushpay

Step into your own Mobile App Studio, where you’ll start building your app with a blank slate. You can drag and drop new features and get an interactive preview of how each change will look when you push it live.

With each new section, you:

  • Provide the name
  • Pick the icon
  • Choose the functionality
  • Decide how it looks
  • Add your content
  • Put it where you want

Here’s what you can do with your Pushpay app.

Make Your Content Visible

One of the staples of any church app is easy access to your church’s content. What that means is a little different for every church. Maybe that means livestreaming your service every weekend, hosting a podcast, managing a blog, or doing a little of everything. Whatever digital content looks like at your church, our church app builder helps you prominently display it.

Simplify Giving

Online giving can be more than a form on your website or a kiosk in your foyer. Our church app features makes giving more convenient for your congregation and easier for you to manage on the backend. Like everything else, you can put giving right in the main menu so church members will see it every time they open your app to watch sermons, explore your content, or connect with your church.

Additionally, for churches using the Pushpay giving platform within their custom app, a



in overall giving or higher often occurs within just 12 months. To implement a custom app at your church and simplify giving for your community, talk to a Pushpay expert today.

Help Your Congregation Connect

Meaningful communication is a vital component of building fruitful relationships. With Pushpay, directories help facilitate communication by connecting church members with the small groups and ministries in which they’re involved.

Directories can list important phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses. When a member taps an address in your directory, it opens it in their maps app so they can see where they need to be and how to get there.

Streamline Event Registration

The events section of your app makes the registration process more convenient for you and your members. There’s no need to collect piles of forms or pass money from person to person. Parents can register their kids for your youth retreat and pay for the upcoming event by uploading a credit card in moments.

All the information for all your events and church activities can live in the app. Add custom photos, links, descriptions, and social sharing options. You can also sync your events calendar with your app so it stays up-to-date automatically.

Reach the Right People at the Right Time

Push notifications create new opportunities to reach your congregation with timely messages. To send a push notification from the Mobile App Studio, all you have to do is…

  • Write what you want the notification to say
  • Choose who to send it to
  • Decide when to send it

You can send push notifications to all your members at once through the mobile church app or isolate groups based on their preferences or location.

Was there a last-minute location change for your ministry meeting? Want to remind people about the upcoming men’s breakfast? Is there something you’d like people to know when they arrive at your campus? There are plenty of situations where a push notification can quickly communicate with a specific group of people.

And since you can choose whether you want to send your message now or later, you can make sure they reach the right people at the right time.

Measure Your Success

You could hand out thousands of bulletins without ever knowing if people actually read them. You can make countless announcements without knowing how many people paid attention.

One of the major advantages of digital engagement is analytics.

Want to know how people interacted with your push notifications? How many people are watching sermons in your app? What days people give the most during the week?

Your Pushpay app comes with a suite of analytics tools to help you make data-driven decisions and improve the ways you serve your congregation through the app.

Get Constant Support

Just because you can do everything yourself doesn’t mean we’re going to leave you hanging. Our support team is always at-the-ready—even on weekends. (Especially on weekends.) Here’s how we help you get the most from your app.

  • An Implementation Coach will connect with you to make sure set up runs smoothly.
  • Technical Support whenever you need it.
  • Admin Support can teach you the ropes of the Mobile App Studio, so your team can confidently manage your app.
  • User Support will help you maximize engagement with your congregation and increase participation.
  • A Customer Success Manager will help make sure you use your app in the best possible ways.

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