Mobilize Community with Serve and Public Needs in the My Church App

As we begin to prepare ourselves to trade our flip-flops for winter boots, it’s the season to execute our fall launch to re-engage people into the life of the church. Re-engagement has been a pain point for the church after shutdowns, reopenings, and the looming possibility of a repeat of 2020. Now more than ever, it’s vital that churches take this opportunity to engage their congregations and pull them closer into your church community.

With the constant changes in our communities, it is essential to maintain a single location for your congregation to manage their participation at your church and stay in the know. Your church app should create a consolidated place where giving, media, and church engagement come together to distill information to your congregation. This helps reduce noise, create a clear area for them to browse opportunities, and stay updated with everything your church is doing this year.

To support your church this fall, we took our powerful ChMS features and added them to the My Church App and enhanced our web ChMS experience to help you communicate with your congregation and give your people easier access.

New Experiences in the Church App

1. We’ve learned that the “dark mode” display is a popular feature in other apps and browsers, so we’re excited to be able to offer both light and dark mode display options for your congregation.

2. We’re always looking for ways to help improve your workflow and make your end-of-year process easier for you and your congregation. Now, your members can download their giving statements directly from the app, anytime on-demand. Accessing their giving history is now easier than ever.

3. Your volunteers are the fuel to executing the mission of your church. We know how much you want to make serving simple and easy for your volunteers. Paper schedules may be fast, and a separate app dedicated to serving may help fill a digital need. Still, it causes some additional friction for your volunteers – like app fatigue and clutter. Simplifying where your volunteers look for opportunities creates a seamless process for them to manage their serving.

With the Serve module in the My Church App, you’re empowering your volunteers to:

  • View, accept, and decline schedule requests
  • Find replacements
  • Browse open positions and sign up
  • Set block-out dates and availability
  • Manage family member schedules
  • View service plans with chord charts, files, and service notes

Give your volunteers the ability to manage all of their involvement at your church in one place with the My Church App by Pushpay.

4. On the heels of your fall launch, your congregation is going to be looking for ways to re-engage after summer and shutdowns. In addition to groups and serving opportunities, they’ll seek opportunities to impact their community. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have one place for your congregation to serve on another and ask for help in times of need? The My Church App by Pushpay now has Public Needs, a digital public sign-up to empower your community to reach and care for one another.

Use this feature to mobilize care quickly for:

  • Meal trains for a family
  • An outreach event hosted by your church
  • Disaster relief in the community
  • Thanksgiving turkey donations
  • Angel Tree
  • Prayer slots to pray for a country in need
  • More classroom supplies

Public Needs in the My Church App lets your church get the word out and collect sign-ups from anyone, anywhere. Sign-ups don’t need to come from those who attend your church, which is a great way to get your congregation involved in positively impacting your community.

More New Features To Love

  • Changing mandates and uncertainty have posed challenges for many churches. As we head into fall, we know how important it is to get information out as quickly as possible and provide you with more ways to communicate with your congregation. So, we made this possible with the Check-In Announcement feature to keep families aware of important information or reminders about the event during Check-In.
  • Quickly create a branded QR code along with the pre-configured giving link with the new QR Code Generator. This enables donors to point, click, and give quickly and securely.
  • To support the Ministry Platform integration, we now offer Pushpay Giving as an option in event payments.
  • Streamline navigation between ChMS, online giving, and mobile apps with the new product switcher. The new feature offers more accessible access to what you need.

All of the features are available on Pushpay ChMS and ChurchStaq packages. ChurchStaq is our way of helping you simplify your congregation’s involvement and increase participation. Schedule a demo today and talk with one of our engagement specialists to see how we can help your church achieve its mission while restoring the joy in your ministry.


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