5 New Features That Will Help You Take Your Digital Strategy to the Next Level

At Pushpay and Church Community Builder, we’ve known that a digital strategy for churches has been important for a long time. And with in-person services no longer a viable option for churches around the world, we’ve been hard at work helping the thousands of churches we serve prepare for Easter and beyond with the tools they need to not only continue giving and communicate with their people, but grow during these trying times. 

While we’ve been working alongside churches to navigate these unforeseen times, we’ve also been developing new features and integrations between Pushpay and Church Community Builder to help take your digital strategy to the next level. 

On the heels of the December 2019 merger, this is the first combined product launch from Pushpay and Church Community Builder, as one company. As we start to build towards an end-to-end church management solution, we could not be more excited to deliver new integrated tools for admins and features to help strengthen engagement within the Church. We’re just getting started on combining the best church management software with the tools you need to grow participation at your church—whatever that might look like.

Set Up For Success

Over the next several weeks, we’re rolling out new features to Pushpay and Church Community Builder customers. The first are a handful of updates to your user experience, including single sign-on lite, which lets you log into Pushpay and Church Community Builder using just your Pushpay login. And once you’re in, we’ve set up internal deep links between platforms, so you can hop between tools, accounts, and transactions in the two platforms with just a click of a button. And if you need support, we integrated our customer care teams for joint Pushpay and Church Community Builder customers—meaning one point of contact for questions or support. 

Pushpay Church Community Builder login

Donor Development Integration

We’re also excited to help deepen engagement paths between you (the church) and your congregants by delivering a new integration between Pushpay’s Donor Development dashboard and Church Community Builder’s Process Queues. As you may know, the Donor Development dashboard in Pushpay lets you see a comprehensive view of giving at your church, by category or by person, and quickly surfaces donor trends—whether that’s identifying new donors, recurring donors, or even donors who have recently cancelled a recurring gift. These individuals are all people you may want to reach out to, but with very different communication. With the new Process Queues integration you can set up a unique follow-up cadence in your Church Community Builder ChMS, based on each scenario above. For example, you can set up a communication to reach out to first time givers, letting them know how their gift fuels your ministry, or use it to set up a thank you campaign for your recurring or top donors. 

Church Community Builder Process Queues

One Time Future Giving

One time future giving allows donors to set up a single gift to be processed in the future. This is a requested feature for those churches and parishes that regularly have a campaign drive, but don’t want to use the pledging feature.

One Time Future Giving

Bringing It All Together

With these new features rolling out over the next couple of weeks and so much more coming this year, we’re excited to keep building a total engagement solution that combines the best church management software with tools that drive participation. 

Today marks the first step towards delivering a deeply integrated, end-to-end church engagement solution that includes a ChMS, giving platform and app solution. Watch this space for updates in the coming months as we continue to innovate and work together to solve some of today’s toughest ministry challenges. 

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