Announcing 2-Way Integration with Church Community Builder

The much-anticipated 2-way integration between Pushpay and Church Community Builder (CCB) is finally here and available to you!

What Does This Mean?

This means that gifts and payments (yes, now payments through forms!) originating in either CCB or Pushpay will auto-sync so your data in both platforms is always up-to-date and always available to you.

How Is This Different?

We’ve enjoyed a flourishing relationship with CCB for years and have offered the churches we serve together with a 1-way integration that was very beneficial to ministry. Under the 1-way integration, our system would communicate gifts originated in the Pushpay platform (online, kiosk, ACH, mobile) to the CCB management system. Churches who wanted to collect a payment through a form would need another processor to take care of those payments.

Now, no matter how or where your donors want to give: online (you can choose whether you’d like to use Church Community Builder’s online interface or Pushpay’s), kiosk, ACH, the Pushpay app, or if you need to collect a payment through a form, the Pushpay giving platform is the only payment processing service you need.


  • We can now provide a better experience for both your donors and your financial administrators.
  • We can meet your donors where they are and provide them with a quick, polished, and simple way to give.
  • We can eliminate unnecessary services and data silos for you as well as steps to reconcile your records as together we provide an “all in one” giving and donor management system.
  • We can collaborate on future developments as well as servicing our mutual church partners.

“The cool thing about Church Community Builder is that they’re innovators. They listen to the local church, they adapt, and they grow. That’s one of the reasons that we’re so excited about this partnership.”—Eliot Crowther, co-founder Pushpay

“We really believe Pushpay is best in class with giving technologies.”—Chris Fowler, co-founder Church Community Builder

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