Have Better Visibility to Your Church Finances with New Pushpay Features

Every donation you receive represents one tiny piece of a person’s relationship to your church. One donation doesn’t tell you very much, but looking at one person’s donations over time can tell you a lot about their investment in your mission and commitment to your community.

Similarly, it’s important to have visibility into overall giving at your church. Aggregate giving data can tell you a lot about the financial health of your church and your congregation’s participation in the work God has called your church to do.

Over the next few weeks, we’re rolling out a series of new features that give your church greater control over your finances, customizable options to explore giving data, convenient ways to visualize giving changes, and more.

Here’s what’s coming:

Financial dashboard

Your administrators can now easily generate reports and visually explore insights and trends based on your data. There’s no need to export data from Pushpay to another tool like Excel or Google Sheets—everything you need is included in the new and improved financial dashboard.

financial dashboard

Set a custom date range and see broad information about the number of donations, number of givers, and fund totals. Or dig into more granular data like payment methods, transaction sources, and more. Want to know what percentage of gifts come from cash? Or how many gifts come from your website vs. your kiosk? How this quarter compares to last quarter? Now these insights and more are readily available to your admins.

pushpay financial dashboard donor overview

Donor pledge entry

Pledges allow your church members to set giving goals for themselves. This becomes a valuable tool you can use to encourage people to give over the course of the year. But currently when someone wants to make a pledge, you have to manually enter it – which we know takes a lot of time from staff on volunteers each year. With the new donor pledge feature, your members can make pledges to a specific campaign, and there’s nothing for you to enter manually. This saves you time, and it makes pledges more convenient for your members—so more people will be willing to create them. And what’s even better? Users can now track their pledge progress online with a few clicks of a button. 

donor pledge pusphay

Improved audio player

One of the top three things people do in church apps is listen to podcasts and sermons. Your app’s built-in audio player is a key part of what makes it such a valuable engagement tool. Based on feedback from church leaders like you, we added functionality to allow people to fast forward and rewind through audio clips, either by manually scrolling or pushing a button to jump ahead or go back. Additionally, you now have the ability to download audio content, providing an opportunity to listen anytime, anywhere. And there’s more coming soon. Additional features will be released in mid-March: including the support of Chromecast and Airplay and even speed control to slow down and speed up your audio.

pushpay app audio player

Enhanced community member profiles

So far 53,000 church members have uploaded profile photos to a Pushpay app, and 99 percent of those people have given to a church. Profile photos will soon be visible from the church admin side, so your staff will have more opportunities to see names and faces together and become familiar with more of your congregation.

Richer donor development insights

Now when you look at individual church members or filter givers based on where they are in their giving journey (first-time givers, regular givers, etc.), you’ll get a snapshot of the average donation amount, as well as changes in giving amount and number of givers in a specified period. You have more options for selecting date ranges, and soon you’ll be able to set custom ranges too. 

pushpay financial dashbaord comparison

You’ll also start to see examples of what you can say to givers to guide them toward their next step, so you’ll have even more help encouraging your congregation to be generous. Not to mention, all of the dashboards and insights will be available on your mobile device!

pushpay financial dashboard mobile

ServiceReef integration

If you use ServiceReef to manage and organize your church’s mission trips, you can now process those payments through Pushpay. Your mission-related transactions can live in the same place as all your other donations and payments.

It’s all coming soon

Some of these updates are live right now. Expect to see the rest in the next couple of weeks. Want to learn more? Watch the free webinar and demo of the new product features. 

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