New in Pushpay: Simplified Financial Administration, Integrations, and Donor Engagement, Just In Time for Back to School

With Summer coming to a close, everyone is coming back from the lake, wrapping up vacation, and gearing up for one of the busiest seasons of the year. We’ve been getting ready for the fall with new features to help simplify your financial admin and engage your community.

Today, we’re announcing updates to our platform, new features, and new integrations with other world-class technology that are making the Pushpay platform even better than before.

To prepare for this exciting time on your calendar, we’ve worked diligently all summer on features that will help you have your best fall launch yet.  

1. Assured Payments

While we process donations in house with Pushpay Processing, it’s still a complex task to process each gift and involves multiple vendors and partners. If any one of those downstream partners has an error, the gift won’t go through. Assured Payments is a new feature that monitors our donation processing ecosystem, temporarily holding back payments when everything isn’t quite right.

Sound complicated? Well, we wouldn’t recommend trying to build it yourself. But using it is incredibly simple—it means every gift goes through, even if one of our partners suffers a temporary delay. For your givers, generosity happens as intended. For your church, you can rest easy knowing that you have an always-on giving solution that just works.

2. Focus Missions Integration

We now support API giving integration with Focus Missions, the premier mission trip management platform. Focus Missions provides a suite of tools that helps churches manage the money, documents, people, and logistics involved with short-term mission trips. The integration will allow Focus Missions customers to use their Pushpay account to accept donations through Focus Mission—which means a consolidation of merchant providers, better tracking of missions giving, and streamlined batch reconciliation for any church using both solutions.

“Our recent integration with Pushpay, takes everything you love about Pushpay and makes it available for seamless financial management and trip goer ease. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership and another great way to serve the missions community at large.” —Jared Romano, Focus Missions

More info about the new Focus Missions integration can be found here.

3. Recurring Migration

Recurring giving is vital to stable budgeting (and sleeping at night). And plenty of pastors have lost nights of sleep dreading the thought of having to move their recurring giving from one platform to another. That’s why we created Recurring Migration, a simple and trackable way to move your recurring giving to Pushpay.

Recurring Migration is an automated, templated campaign that sends emails to givers prompting them to move their recurring gift to Pushpay. Instead of making your recurring givers fill out an entire new form, Recurring Migration sends them a unique link to a giving form pre-populated with the same schedule, gift amount, and fund as their previous recurring gift. Best of all, your church staff can use a realtime dashboard to monitor progress, allowing them to see the progress and follow-up with donors who haven’t moved their recurring gifts yet.

In short, Recurring Migration….

  • Pre-populates donor gift details and contact info into the new system
  • Includes a self-service campaign solution with ready-to-use email templates branded to your church
  • Provides real-time visibility of the migration progress during the campaign

4. Branded Giving Experience

Your church has a unique look, feel, and voice that is reflected in your digital presence through your brand. Historically, giving pages have often had the logo of the giving company on them, but with Branded Giving Experience, you can match your giving page to your church’s digital brand. It’s simple and easy to update the messaging, images, and colors from the Pushpay merchant portal, which means you can finally let your comms director go crazy with the giving page branding. We won’t even check how many times you change it.

5. Giving Statements Updates (Coming Soon)

Pushpay will soon support giving statements for any period of time—annually, quarterly, or between any custom dates. These IRS-compliant statements can be configured and generated in just a few clicks, then downloaded or emailed directly to your community members. You can run giving statements for the year. Or for the week. Or for the quarter. Or for any given Tuesday. You can even run them just for fun, we won’t judge.

Rock Your Fall

We’ve been hard at work launching these new product features so that you can focus on the things that really matter this fall—getting the kids back to school, launching a new sermon series, and bingeing out on pumpkin spice lattes. If you’re reading this and are a Pushpay customer, all these features are already available to you in the merchant portal. And if you’re reading this, and you’re not a Pushpay customer… well, we can help with that, too. Talk to an expert today to learn how we can help drive engagement and giving in your community.

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