[Product Update] Three New Giving Tools and More to Come!

Innovation for Days

Innovation is one of our core values at Pushpay. And that doesn’t just mean we have the word “innovation” written on a wall somewhere. We live it and breathe it every day, and it’s one of the main reasons we’ve become the church’s most trusted giving solution.

When a church signs up for Pushpay, they’re not just signing up for what we offer at any given moment. They’re signing up for the promise we make to ourselves and to our customers to always be innovating, improving, creating, developing, and leading the way when it comes to simple, beautiful, intuitive technology for the church space.

Churches that choose Pushpay are signing up for our commitment that they always have the very best in technology. This is why we have 60+ developers on staff where other companies might have two or three. We are serious about what we do.

What’s New for Our Churches Today

Here are just a few new things we’ve rolled out to our churches recently. Bookkeeper Betty, you’re welcome. ?

  • Manage All Giving Tools in One Place

The Virtual Terminal feature in the Admin Portal saves time by allowing you to process your giving in one place, including cash and check recordings, ACH transactions, and card envelope giving card transactions. This also enables you to receive key insights with our weekly giving summary email hitting your inbox soon!

  • Gain Insight Into Daily Giving and Speed Up Reconciliations

Admins, bookkeepers, and pastors can stay on top of all the giving coming into your church with Batch Reconciliation and the daily summary email. With the daily summary email, you see the total gifts received for the previous day. In conjunction with this, you can simplify the process of reconciling individual transactions using the Batch Reconciliation feature. All of this will save time compiling giving across multiple systems, keep your inbox tidy, and allow you to reconcile your giving totals with just a glance.

  • Quickly Create Your Own Giving Funds

Most churches have a variety of funds where giving goes each week: from mission funds to building funds to miscellaneous funds. With the new self-managing funds option, you can quickly create and customize your own giving types. You can also control which funds are visible to members. You can even organize funds by priority with a simple swipe of the mouse.


Here’s What’s Coming Soon (Yaaas)

Before 2016 is over, we plan to roll out two more important updates to our system. Can you say “game changers”?
We’ll tell you more about these soon, but here’s your teasers:

  • The Weekly Giving Summary (<3)

  • Annual Giving Statements (Ooh la la)

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