Coming Together: The Pushpay & Church Community Builder Story

While recently in Colorado Springs, Bruce Gordon, Pushpay CEO, had an opportunity to sit down with Chris Fowler, Church Community Builder Founder and Visionary, to share more about how the two companies came together with a similar vision to help grow the Church.

Bruce: Hi Chris, thanks for joining me! It was such an honor to meet you recently and be able to begin the conversation about bringing our companies together in a way that’s very thoughtful and impactful for the Church.

Chris: That’s really what got us talking in the first place. We weren’t looking to sell – I certainly wasn’t looking to sell. But then I was talking to our Advisory Board and they put out the question of “why are you not even willing to talk to somebody about that?” “What if there’s something for the Church that’s better than what either of you could do on your own?” And to me, that’s the core part of why we’re even doing what we’re doing. 

It’s about (understanding) are people engaged in their local church? And when things happen – especially through the systems and data that we provide – together we can see things and are able to help get them back engaged. 

When I heard you talking about the vision of what you had, I don’t believe I had sat on the other side of the table. I heard a vision for the Church and what we can do for the Church that was as big, or bigger, than mine.

Bruce: I’m very humbled to hear you say that we share a vision for the growth of the Church and the Kingdom of God. Because we look to you, now as a visionary, joining our Pushpay Board. We couldn’t be more delighted that you are – to help us navigate this transition period of looking to continue with our current services in the marketplaces. And over time, being able to offer the Church something that’s going to be truly unique. 

Chris: Yeah, I really look forward to the ability to get on the innovation front again, instead of kind of reinventing the wheel. 

Bruce: This is hugely exciting for churches.

Chris: Well, I’m honored to be doing this with like-minded people. I think what we’re doing together is going to be incredible for the Church. 

Bruce: We’re super excited for the future and very humbled to be able to connect with Church Community Builder as Pushpay. 

Chris: Vice versa, Bruce. Appreciate you. 

Want to learn more about how Pushpay and Church Community Builder are coming together to deliver best-in-class software solutions for your church? Read more or click here to talk with an expert.

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