Pushpay Named Hi-Tech Company of the Year

Pushpay’s Humble Beginnings

As many of you may know, Pushpay started as a small tech startup based out of New Zealand with just a handful of people working hard to create what you know today as Pushpay. While we’ve come a long way since then, we still have that scrappy, get-it-done attitude that took us from just a few people with a vision of seeing billions of dollars given to causes near to our hearts to where we are now. We’re proud of where we came from—the humble beginnings that came before what we’ve accomplished today.

Commitment to Core Values

The second thing you should know is there’s a handful of values that we’ve built our company around. We believe in putting people first, in working to keep things simple, and being generous. And everything that we do needs to be underpinned by a commitment to those values: Staying innovative and doing everything that we do with excellence.

The Reward of Love and Hard Work

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that Pushpay has been named the PwC New Zealand Hi-Tech Company of the Year 2017 and IBM Innovative Company of the Year 2017. More than just another couple of trophies to put on the shelf, it represents the years of hard work and love our international team has poured into developing world-class engagement and giving systems. It backs up the promise we make to our nearly 7,000 customers to stay innovative and provide the best product possible not just today but tomorrow, too.

“Congratulations to our teams in Auckland, New Zealand and Seattle, Washington on receiving the highest recognition New Zealand has to offer for a technology company,” says Chris Heaslip, Pushpay’s CEO. “We have a team of extremely hard-working, talented, and dedicated people, and I am proud to work alongside them. This recognition is testament to their expertise and commitment.”

Loyalty, Trust, and Continual Innovation

But bringing home this award isn’t just about the hard work and dedication to our team—it’s a representation of the trust our customers have put in us over the years and the ongoing dialogue that helps us to continue to make our products better. It represents the investment churches, schools, and nonprofits made in us when we were just a simple giving app, and the journey it’s been over the past four years to drive engagement and generosity in communities around the world.

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