Pushpay News to You—August 2015

Pushpay is improving almost every day. Blink and you might miss something HUGE. In our Pushpay News to You series, we highlight some of the major updates that have occurred in the last month so that you don’t miss out on the awesome.

Happy August everyone! This month we silently released a new feature that has already been turned on for your church. A bit of a fun surprise, we think! Here’s some of the heart behind the feature and what you can expect from it going forward.

Increasing Engagement with Timely Communication

Are the people in your congregation merely attendees, or engaged members of a community coming together to worship and serve one another?

For many churches, the attendees in their congregation, and people in general, the topic of finances is a very personal matter. Many view finances and donations as a means to an end and would rather just avoid the topic altogether.  

We believe something completely different.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.”
–Matthew 6:21

Where your congregation members put their resources, is where their time, energy, and passion will also go. We see giving as so much more than a means to an end; it is an intentional act of worship which connects your attendees with the mission and vision of your church. Seeing people give on non-Sundays, while they are away on vacation, or in response to an immediate need is evidence of the church working together.

The first gift from a new giver is significant—a relationship of commitment has been established. We believe giving is a key to engaging your community, this is why our focus is beyond payments; our mission is to foster relationships. Pushpay notifies you when a new giver commits. This allows you to reach out to them, say thank you, and begin the path towards deeper connection.

But relationships take time and ongoing communication. To help you, the church, we make that communication between the giver and yourself as easy as possible. In our continual effort to improve your ability to engage and communicate givers, we’ve just released a new feature:

Pushpay will now notify you immediately when a giver stops their recurring payment

While this certainly helps with forecasting budgets, the greatest win for you goes back to relationships. You know your people. Maybe a situation you’ve been praying about for them has gotten worse. Maybe this is the exact time they need a church to step in, get involved, and be Christ to them.  

A church giving system shouldn’t just make it easy for people to give, it should also be a way for you to better engage with your church congregation.  We’re here to help you serve those you’re in relationship with already, and to engage those new givers searching for the connection and community they can find at your church.

Have additional updates you’d like for us to consider?  Submit them on our support page or leave them in the comments below.

If you aren’t yet using Pushpay, we’d love the chance to start a conversation with you about igniting generosity at your church.

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