Pushpay News To You – June 2015

It’s a huge honor to be working with over 1,000 churches now. One added benefit to the increased number of both givers and church administrators is the added amount of feedback we get regarding the Pushpay giving experience. The product team, ever looking to innovate, aims to provide the best possible giving experience and our continuous delivery means that we are able to bring you new features and improved experiences daily.

In order to give you a bit of insight into these updates, once a month we’ll put a post up on the blog in a series we’re calling, “Pushpay News to You.”

Welcome to the very first post in this series, detailing the four updates you may have missed. Enjoy!

1. Multiple admin accounts

This update now allows church administrators to add multiple users to their account rather than having to share logins. This is perfect for churches that want to have part-time bookkeeper help out, or perhaps give access to the lead pastor so they can keep a high-level look at the contributions that are coming in.

2. In-line recurring payments

We know that recurring gifts can be a great way for churches to see consistent and predictable online giving. Our previous giving form had two tabs on the top, one for single gifts and another for recurring giving. We’ve simplified the recurring gift process by moving the recurring option in-line on the form rather than making users switch to another tab.

3. Account verification by phone call or SMS

One feature that we have added to help churches better support givers who either do not have a mobile phone or cannot receive SMS messages on their mobile phone is phone call verification. Givers can select to receive their verification code when registering with Pushpay by selecting the “Call Me” option on the gift confirmation screen.

Givers selecting this option will receive a phone call with their verification code which can be used to complete their registration, making it even easier for all members of your church to become regular givers through Pushpay.

4. Talk directly to your support person

Our final update improves the real-time communication process between churches and our customer success team. When logged in to your Pushpay admin account, you now have the ability to send a chat message straight to our Customer Success team. Select “Ask a Question” from the menu to start a conversation.

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