Pushpay News to You—Fastpay and Virtual Terminal Upgrades

Update #1: Virtual Terminal Upgrades

If you’ve worked in a church for any length of time, these little envelopes will look pretty familiar to you.

In fact, I spoke with a church a couple weeks ago who told me about their practice of purchasing a year’s worth of these envelopes for every member in their church, at $10 per member. The boxes of 52 envelopes are then distributed at the start of the year, the member takes them home, and he or she is given the instruction to fill out the form and bring it back each Sunday.

So, for example, a 200 member church at $10 per box, would be an annual investment of $2,000. That’s a quite a large sum of money.

What’s the other option, then?

You can now use Pushpay to do your digital giving (think smartphones and computers) and also to process your envelope giving through our Virtual Terminal feature.

Our Virtual Terminal feature now allows you to:

  • Process credit, debit, and ACH envelope giving.
  • Set up and manage recurring giving.
  • See your digital and envelope giving all in one dashboard.

How Does This Help to Reduce the Need for Purchasing Envelopes?

Every time you enter someone’s envelope gift through Pushpay, they are sent an email receipt thanking them for their generosity but also inviting them to download the mobile app and give in 10 seconds next time from their phone. Our partner churches see great success in using this method to move traditional envelope givers to become digital givers.

Already a Pushpay partner church? Look for the Virtual Terminal option next time you log into your account. You’ll see it on the left-hand menu bar as in the screen shot above.

Interested in learning more about Pushpay for your church?

Update #2: Introducing Fastpay—Our Brand New 5-Second Giving Experience

Many churches we partner with spoke to us about wanting to have a simple Pushpay giving experience within their own church app. We’re happy to announce that is now possible with Fastpay, our 5-second Pushpay giving experience.

Use your own church app, or use our Pushpay app experience, and we can turn on the ultra seamless giving experience.

Here’s three of the features we love about Fastpay:

  • Ultra-fast Page Load: Fastpay auto-fills based on the last gift amount. This increases speed, which removes barriers to generosity.
  • Two-Tap Giving: Faster than text giving. Giving requires only two touches, taking just five seconds.
  • Customizable Colors: Your colors and logo are front and center to help your congregation recognize your brand. Integrates with all brands of church app experiences.

Already partnering with Pushpay and interested in turning on Fastpay? Send our Partner Success team an email.

Update #3: Card Payment Batch Reconciliation

For several months, we have been working hard to improve the church bookkeeping process of reconciling Pushpay gifts against deposits in your church’s bank account.

Two months ago, we brought you a shiny new tool to make it easier to reconcile your bank statements and the ACH payments that have come through Pushpay. Batching credit and debit card payments was a bit trickier, but after much careful attention to detail, we are delighted to extend support for the same to card payments, too.

Several factors affect how these transactions getting batched and turned into a deposit in your bank account: Time zones (yours, ours, the processors, the banks), daylight savings, holidays, weekends, refunds, and returns. We take all of these features into consideration and present to you a totalized amount you can expect to see on your bank statement. Then you tick the box to say it is reconciled.

Reconciling bank statements is not anyone’s idea of fun; it is a thankless job, but we hope we’ve made it less burdensome for you. Look out for the update in your Pushpay merchant account under the Transactions menu.

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