Pushpay News to You – July 2015

It’s a huge honor to be working with over 1,400 churches now and growing. One added benefit to the increased number of both givers and church administrators is the added amount of feedback we get regarding the Pushpay giving experience. The product team, ever looking to innovate, aims to provide the best possible giving experience and our continuous delivery means that we are able to bring you new features and improved experiences daily. We’re going to be highlighting these updates each month on the blog in our “Pushpay News to You” series.

Recurring Giving inside the Mobile App

While it has been super easy to set up recurring giving and payments in the Pushpay.com website for a long time, that same convenience was not available in the Pushpay mobile app. Until now.
With this update, regular giving can now be automated on weekly, monthly, or bi-weekly schedules quickly and easily from within the Pushpay mobile app.

We know that recurring gifts can be a great way for churches and nonprofits to build a base of monthly financial stability.  This update makes the creation of those gifts quite simple, while still allowing for spontaneous moments of generosity throughout the week.

Additional Country Support

Also updating on our giving page is the ability to give from additional countries besides the US, New Zealand, and Australia.

New Interface for Streamlined Batch Reconciliation in Beta

Batch Reconciliation allows churches to reconcile their transactions in Pushpay with the deposits in their bank accounts. The Batch Reconciliation feature is ACH only for now but will be rolled out to credit card transactions in the near future.

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Beta Testing Started for Virtual Terminal

We’ve also started beta testing our new Virtual Terminal feature with a handful of churches. This will allow a church to enter their check and envelope giving into Pushpay as well, sending these givers a thank you and an invitation to give using the mobile app next time for a smoother giving experience.

Customized Success Messages

Churches can now customize the success message that displays after someone completes a gift within the Pushpay app. This is a great way for your church to add context to the giving process and to make it fit in really nicely with your culture and giving beliefs.

Integration with Think Ministry

Our final update for July is an integration with the Think Ministry (Ministry Platform) database.  Churches using Pushpay can now export their giving history into Think Ministry. Contact your Customer Success representative to learn more about the export if you’re using Think Ministry.

Have additional updates you’d like for us to consider? Submit them on our support page or leave them in the comments below.

If you aren’t yet using Pushpay, we’d love the chance to start a conversation with you about igniting generosity at your church!

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