Drive More Generosity at Your Church Using Pushpay’s Newest Features

Church and technology don’t always seem like an obvious match, but we’ve realized how much more the Church can achieve when great tech is added to the mix. Newcomers to a church can explore different ministries via the church’s app, members can get more engaged, and infrequent givers can become recurring donors. All because of technology.

That’s why we invest so many resources into developing excellent tech to serve the Church. An extra 100 hours of work on our end can mean countless more people better engaging with your church and the community around it. It can also mean a significant amount of effort and resources saved when church admin have easier processes and more intuitive tools at their disposal.

That’s why our engineering team spends weeks—sometimes months—building great tools that work for the Church. We start by listening to your needs and the needs of other churches to see what features to add next. We experiment with those new church management features and after countless tests, refine and build it. Our product marketing team then launches those new features so you get to hear about them first and learn how to use them well.

It’s a process that’s allowed us to introduce two new product additions this fall. These features will not only help encourage generosity and engagement at your church but also save your staff hours of time and extra effort each week.

Custom Giving Statements

People are more likely to give generously when they know of all the great things their donations fund. Take some time every few months to talk about the ministries and outreach projects the church is involved in. Talk about the amount given to nonprofits in the community. Talk about families and individuals who are only able to go on mission trips because of the church’s generosity.

To help your church have better conversations about the positive impact of generosity, we’ve released a great new feature: Custom Giving Statements. Previously, churches were only able to generate giving statements annually. Now you can create custom statements based on any specified time period: a day, 10 days, 10 months—whatever works best for your community.

Many churches distribute custom statements to the congregation at the same time leaders are talking about how community donations have been used. This gives people an opportunity to see their generosity right there in their personal statement while also hearing how those funds are being used to impact the community.

Custom statements only take a few minutes for church admin to create, and they’re an easy way to remind people of their giving so far and encourage even more generosity (without church leaders directly talking about it). Additionally, as the year comes to a close, distributing custom statements can help members identify months they forgot to give and donate more to fill those gaps or hit a specific tax threshold.

Pushpay + TouchPoint

TouchPoint is a church management system that helps leaders grow disciples. How? By offering a suite of tools churches can use to manage their finances, attendance, staff, groups, volunteers, etc. Like Pushpay, TouchPoint designed a program that syncs well with other critical platforms church leaders use every day to ensure the people in your church are well cared for, engaged, and encouraged to move through logical next steps of faith.

The new Pushpay + TouchPoint integration means community data between both platforms are easily synced with each other. So while Pushpay starts off by driving recurring giving and overall generosity, TouchPoint helps with excellent database management and customizable follow up.

Pushpay currently allows churches to send customizable thank-you emails to donors after each gift, and this new partnership takes things a step further. Now when people give through Pushpay, TouchPoint is able to pair donors’ giving information with other data like location, age, and marital status to help admin create even more relevant follow up.

Donation follow up feels more personal when it mentions a donor’s recent event registration, recognizes that they’re recently married, or contains otherwise relevant information. And when donors feel individually recognized for their donation, they’re more inclined to continue giving and engaging with the church.

At the same time, staff members are no longer devoting hours each week performing redundant data entry tasks and manually syncing information between the two platforms. Now data syncs are automatic and are completed with very little effort and time. Church admin can even use the same workflows/reporting systems they were already using. Staff just have to sync the data and go on with their day.  

“Pushpay’s established track record of equipping local churches with generosity tools seamlessly aligns with TouchPoint’s approach to flexible and scalable database management,” Ross Miller, president of TouchPoint Software. “Because of that shared vision, we could not be more thrilled about this partnership.”

We’re pretty excited about the new integration too, Ross.

When churches talk, we listen. And that allows us to maintain a system that helps you in your day-to-day operations while helping propel your ministry forward. If you already partner with Pushpay, thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. If you don’t currently have our world-class giving tool, click here to talk to an expert and discover why over 7,000 churches already use Pushpay to drive participation and encourage generosity.

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