Online Giving: Why Digital Giving Is No Longer Cutting-Edge

You probably hear a lot about cutting-edge church technology, such as online giving, digital giving, mobile giving, etc. There’s always some new software or hardware that’s going to change everything. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. It can be overwhelming trying to sort out what’s worth investing in and what isn’t.

But if you’re still waiting to see whether digital-giving technology is going to “win,” then you’ve waited too long. It has won and moved on.

If your primary means of collecting funds involves passing a physical offering plate in hopes of people dropping in physical checks and cash, you’re missing out. Since fewer and fewer people carry checkbooks or cash with them, digital giving has been on the rise for years.

Most Giving Technology, Including Online Giving, Is No Longer Cutting-Edge

You might not realize how many digital-giving or online giving solutions have already been used by churches. Take online forms, for instance. Churches have been putting forms on their websites for nearly a decade. It was a big step forward in giving, but it had some limitations.

Text-to-give was the next solution to come onto the scene. Back in 2008, we saw the Red Cross use it to raise more than $190,000 through 38,091 texts. Forward-thinking churches quickly followed suit.

Even mobile giving (using apps like Pushpay), which has demonstrated its superiority as a giving system, has been around for a while. It’s not an experiment anymore.

It’s Time to Focus on Converting Your Congregation

While a lot of churches have consistently added ways for attendees to make donations, it’s not the same as committing to one. Focusing on physical offerings while providing other fringe digital options won’t cut it any longer.

If you put off transitioning your church to mobile giving, you’re ultimately hurting your bottom line. You’re missing out on the opportunity to let people give using the same tools they use for banking, shopping, and donating to causes. They’ve already grown comfortable using mobile apps for every other kind of purchasing or online giving transaction—why not commit to giving them an app to use when donating to your church?

It’s Time to Commit to a Change

The good news is that because digital online giving is no longer cutting edge, the industry has had plenty of time to work out the kinks. With a mobile-giving app like Pushpay, you’re getting an industry leader who has not only proven itself when it comes to security and ease but allows your congregation to give in seconds.

You can even take advantage of Pushpay’s Total Engagement Solution. It’s a full-featured app for your church. As your church members get used to catching up on sermon audio or videos on their phone, they’re getting more comfortable with the idea of mobile giving.

The cherry on top is that Pushpay is committed to helping your church members become enthusiastic mobile givers. In fact, we have solutions in place to get your church members signed up to give automatically through recurring giving.

It’s time to get your church comfortable with mobile giving, and Pushpay is here to help. Click here to talk to an expert today to discover how mobile giving technology can level up engagement and generosity in your ministry.

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