Pushpay News to You—September 2015

Now Manage Your Rrecurring Giving within the Pushpay App

Recurring gifts are the financial life-blood for churches and nonprofits; consistent and predictable giving ensures that the lights stay on and investments into community projects can be bold and sustainable. Recently we made it super easy to setup recurring giving natively in the Pushpay mobile app. We had every confidence that this would translate into to an increase in recurring gifts for our customers, but we had no idea how much.
The numbers are in:

Since This Update, Our Churches Have Seen a 15 Percent Increase in Their Recurring Giving!

That considerably exceeded our expectations!

Having removed the friction to setting up a recurring gift, we have taken things to the next level with our latest release which brings management of recurring payments and gifts together into the mobile app. No longer do you need to wade through a website on your mobile browser to make alterations or stop a recurring payment.
What more is there to say?

It seems that every facet of modern life is getting more complicated, so we are thrilled to reverse that trend and make one little thing in your life easier.

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